Cathy began to sell her work, which included pen and ink drawings and watercolor paintings in small gift shops in Lafayette way back in 1978. Throughout  the years she has sold work through Lafayette Art Association,  Artists of Acadiana at Vermilionville, sponsored bank shows, Barnel’s Gifts and Framing, and now at River Oaks Art Center in Alexandria.  Her body of work included acrylic paintings, mono-prints, and two-dimensional mixed media. She is proud to have had three paintings accepted into the Ogden Museum of Southern Arts Louisiana Contemporary exhibit in 2014.  For the last five years clay has become her passion. She has a series of ceramic imaginary bird plates and in the last year has developed a body of fun mixed media birds, which she hopes make people laugh with delight.  All birds are free range, of course.  


Moss hung from the massive oak trees and drifted in the slight breeze. The air was heavy with humidity and the bayou slipped quietly by. I sat by my mother’s side in the magical environment of New Orleans City Park. After the steaming cement surrounding our shotgun home, this was a retreat. We would go there so that my mother could capture scenes of reaching oak  branches and magnolia trees in oil paints of vivid greens, creamy whites, and luscious browns on masonite. Her brushes, paints and cleaning materials were held in a small wooden box with latches. Just the sight of it excited me. The fragrance of the of the oil paints and linseed oil would waft in a cloud around us.


Sweet Angel Birds 

It's Christmas time and a flock of singing angel birds have flown in for the occasion.  This little angel seems a bit blue and needs a home.  

While the angels were in the works, Little Chick and Beach Baby were selected to be a part of the 5 X 5 X 5 ART SHOW

at River Oaks Arts Center in Alexandria, Louisiana. This is River Oaks' small arts spectacle with a national call to artists of miniature works.  Over 300 hundred entries were received and 100 were selected for the show.  

Beach Baby and Lil' Chick were very happy to be part of the selection that will be on display at the Arts Center until February 10, 2019.

Madri Gras is a favorite time in Louisiana and the birds are dressed and ready to go.  

Golds, greens, purples, sparkles and shiny bits bring out their personalities.